Whether you’re an owner-manager, working in the marketing department of a medium-sized firm or CEO of a multi-national, there are times when a writing task just stumps you.

Website content

When did you last refresh the content of your website? Be honest. The same blurb that you copied from your brochure has been stagnating on your website since the day it went live. Search engines love newness, they like relevance, and so do your clients. Rafferty Writes will help you delight both clients and search engines with a refreshing take on what you do.

E-zine content

Opening rates are notoriously low – it’s so hard to get those people who’ve signed up for your newsletter to actually read it. You need to tap into what they want to hear, not what you want to say. With the help of Rafferty Writes, you’ll tantalise your subscribers with that subject line so they won’t be able to resist opening your e-zine and you’ll keep them reading with engaging content.


Everybody told you that you should be blogging and you had some good ideas at the start but it’s so hard to organise your thoughts into a coherent message worth publishing. Rafferty Writes can help you come up with ideas for your blog and can either copy-edit your drafts or write them based on your brief.

Social media conversations

You’ve been on the courses and dutifully set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts and … what’s that other one called? Everyone said this was the future of marketing but how come you’ve peaked at 37 fans and 12 followers? Rafferty Writes is an experienced social media conversationalist and is full of ideas to get your fans interested again.


The old paper brochure still has a place in many marketing plans, and for good reason. Despite the explosion of electronic marketing, people still like to hold something in their hands. Your target market may be particularly susceptible to this tool in the kit, so don’t allow yourself to be shown up by typos, grammar or syntax errors or copy stolen from a competitor. Rafferty Writes will help you bring your product or service to life using your company’s unique tone of voice.

Press releases

There is so much great stuff happening in your organisation and you want to tell everyone, but you don’t have time to sit down and hammer out a press release, much less get it out to the press. Perhaps you do send out press releases and wonder why the stories are never picked up. Rafferty Writes is a qualified PR practitioner who can help you decide what is newsworthy and what is not, craft the press release and get it to the press who should have it.

Reports and strategy documents

Just because you are using formal language does not mean have to baffle or bore your reader. Strategies are supposed to inspire and motivate people! The keys to good reports are brevity and clarity – Rafferty loves weeding out unnecessary words and helping the reader get the sense in the quickest time and with the least mental effort. With the help of Rafferty Writes, your report or strategy document won’t sit on the shelf gathering dust but will be read and implemented.

Tender documents

How many of us have burned the midnight oil to meet a tender deadline and are horrified to find, when the dust has settled, that the document is full of silly errors simply because you were rushing and had no time to proofread. Valuable extra points can be won with a correctly and well-written case for your organisation. Think of the reader too; why should the person charged with scoring the tender have to wade through business jargon and corporate speak?


Oh, the pressure of speech-writing! To appear learned, to mobilise, to inspire, to entertain, to remember to thank everyone. Whether you need to prduce a conference opening speech, a keynote address, a retirement speech, a tribute or a eulogy, Rafferty Writes will ensure you keep the listener listening.

Just think, that’ll be one more thing off your ‘to do’ list! Call Rafferty now.