Because you’re too close to it

Rafferty Writes is an accomplished copy-editor

She brings a fresh pair of eyes and the ability to read the text from the perspective of your customer or reader. It’s amazing how a few tweaks can totally change the character of a piece of writing – from cheeky to clever, from technical to clear, from distant to warm, from hostile to friendly. Here are just some examples of how she can help:


You’ve been asked to write an article for a trade magazine. You’ve got your thoughts down but are stumped when it comes to pulling it all together into something people might read.


You have a blog but don’t have time to do much more than scribble down some bullet points. You just need somebody to tie them all together and put some polish on it.

Reports and strategy documents

You’re about to publish an important report but are too close to it to tell whether it gets your key points across or not. You need a fresh pair of eyes to pick out any ambiguities.

Tender documents

You’re working on an important tender document and you need to convince the assessment team that your company has what it takes to deliver the job.

The best thing about Rafferty is that she is not you. Contact her today to get a fresh and informed pair of eyes on your work.

What is copy-editing?

Copy-editing is a closer review of a piece of writing than a proofread, which is limited to checking facts, spelling, grammar and applying a consistent style to a piece of writing. Copy-editing does not generally involve changing the substance of the piece but will improve syntax, form, style and tone of voice.

Lost in translation

Rafferty Writes has worked extensively on documents that have been translated into English from another language. However good the translation, there is often something not quite right with the flow. Eilish Rafferty understands French, Italian, German and Spanish and is therefore able to edit the translation while referencing the text in its original form.