Rafferty Writes’ proofreading service

Because people always notice the mistake

No matter how good the news or how ground-breaking the announcement, if there’s an error in the work, that’s what people will notice. When you produce a piece of text, you know what you meant to say, so when you read it back to yourself you are inclined to gloss over typos and other errors. You just don’t see them. We all do it. That’s why it’s so important to have important text, which means anything that will be published, either in hard or soft copy, proofread. That extends to your Facebook posts and tweets.

Contact Rafferty Writes to proofread your report or content prior to publishing, and save yourself the blushes …or the cost of reprinting!

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is traditionally the final stage in the editorial process and therefore takes place just before publishing. The word comes from the printing term ‘proof’ which is produced prior to final print for the purposes of checking. Proofreading is the lightest touch, limited to checking facts, spelling, grammar, punctuation, spacing, alignment and applying a consistent style to a piece of writing. It doesn’t involve changing the substance of the piece or amending syntax (the sentence structure), form or tone of voice.

Remember, if changes are made after proofing, it’s important to subject the text to a final proofread. If it’s not cost-effective to have everything proofread by a professional, why not have your editorial or marketing team trained in basic grammar, punctuation and effective writing?