The Press Release and More

Won an award? Got a new product? Celebrating a landmark? Tell the world!

You’re a sole trader, the owner-manager of a micro-business or the marketing manager of a small-to-medium-sized business. You have lots of good news to tell the world if only you knew how. The science of PR is not your forte and anyway you’re too busy making the news happen to publicise it. Hiring a PR consultant is just not an option and, as for an agency, well that’s just a pipe dream.

Rafferty, a qualified PR practitioner, will write that news release in such a way that it will get picked up by the right people. And if sending out a press release is not the right route to take, she’ll work with you to explore the many other ways to gain publicity. News goes stale very quickly, so if you have news to tell, lose no time in contacting Rafferty Writes.

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